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Welcome to the CinemaWallonia website
Imagine a region in the heart of Europe, with an impressive number of high-quality professionals and digital post-production facilities.
This region is Wallonia, in Belgium.
The home turf of Benoît Poelvoorde, François Damiens, Cécile de France, Bouli Lanners and the Dardenne brothers is a fertile ground for the film industry!
On this site, we invite you to browse all of the tools which make our region so suitable for film productions and co-productions, in terms of financing, technical partners, facilities, and set locations via our online database.
Key elements
The ideal situation of the region...
In the heart of Europe, only a few kilometres from Brussels, Wallonia is situated at the crossroads of the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France.
... with the necessary infrastructure...
With its two international airports (Liège Airport and Charleroi-Brussels South), one of the most dense motorway networks in the world, sites which can be transformed into studios and three film commissions, Wallonia possesses all the necessary infrastructure for even the most ambitious projects.
... with the necessary skills set...
In addition to the skills learned in film schools such as the one in Louvain-la-Neuve, where each year dozens of directors, sound and image technicians graduate, Wallonia is also the place where cutting-edge technology is constantly in development: I-Movix, XDC, Flying Cam, intoPix...
... and all the locations you need!
From Hesbaye to the Ardennes, Wallonia has an impressive range of locations and scenes, from flat to valley country. All we lack are mountains and the sea! There are also historical sites, such as the Lion Mound in Waterloo, or the sites of the battles of the Ardennes in WWI. Wallonia has an extremely rich heritage and with such a range of locations, it will certainly give your film the atmosphere you are looking for!
«What's a region's image without images?»

The above phrase has never been truer than in the digital era we live in. Our world has evolved into a culture built on images. These images are everywhere, from the big screen in multiplex cinemas to the smartphone in your pocket. Existing and standing out among this visual overload is no easy thing. Fiction remains the best way for our shared cultural references to remain in the collective memory...
With this idea in mind, Wallonia decided to become a Film Region ten years ago! Allowing itself the means to reach this goal, it first created Wallimage, an audiovisual investment fund which remained unique in Belgium for a long time. It also created a network of film commissions and finally Wallimage Entreprises, a public «business angel», focused on supporting the audiovisual service companies the region lacked and desperately needed.
Talent has always been present in Wallonia. The Dardenne brothers, Jean-Jacques Andrien, Beno”t Mariage, Thierry Michel É Beno”t Poelvoorde, Marie Gillain, Olivier Gourmet, Emilie Dequenne... During the nineties, it seemed as if talent was sprouting everywhere. Unfortunately, all of this potential was quickly leaving for Brussels or Paris... At the turn of the century, we decided to do something about it!
Ten years later, over 150 international co-productions have been filmed or gone through post-production in the South of our country, and nearly 40 audiovisual companies have been set up and even grouped together in impressive structures such as the Pôle Image de Liège (P.I.L.) or efficient organisations like the Walloon Technologies for Image, Sound and Text cluster (T.W.I.S.T.).
The Walloon anthem, «Le Chant des Wallons», which was penned at the turn of the last century, mentions that Wallonia was ranked among the best for its industry, but that it was just as brilliant in the arts: at the beginning of the 21st Century, the audiovisual, art and industry, is one of the ways to return to our Region the image it deserves!
Philippe Reynaert
Directeur Wallimage s.a.
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